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Recommended Carpet Cleaning for Businesses
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services (Dorset)

Before re-locating to Dorset we have cleaned in some of the most prestigious establishments in Southern England and around London.
Some of the major and luxurious hotels where you will have seen pristine carpets include:

 Savoy Hotel
Dorchester Hotel
Claridges Hotel
Hilton Park Lane

We have also cleaned the carpets in much bigger establishments such as Factories, Heathrow Airport and other major airports. 

We have cleaned props at Pinewood film studios for film and commercial use and also work on props in a stately country for a major film use.

We have done work throughout a multitude of businesses and have been recommended time after time for our keen eye for perfection.

Below are a few example of the commercial carpet cleaning we have carried out previously.
Call 01202 058982 to arrange having the carpets in your business looking like new. 

Factory Carpet Cleaning- Fords at Dagenham
Car Showrooms- Vauxhall at Luton
Car valeting Services- for a major motor media vehicle launch
Emergency Services- Cleaning of a Fire engine before an international launch at a Heathrow hotel
Royal Standard Carpet Cleaners- Have been involved in cleaning at the London residence of a Saudi Royal family
Hotels and Restaurants Carpet Cleaning- Michelin 3 star restaurant
Office Carpet Cleaning- The Inland Revenue
Schools & University Carpet Cleaning- Bournemouth University @Talbot Village
Hospitality Carpet Cleaning-  A Number of pub and restaurants
Estate Agents/Letting Agents and Property Management- Property developers
Even small shops

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