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Immaculate Curtains In Fordingbridge, Hampshire

When cleaning their homes, many people overlook the importance of tending to their curtains. That's why at Mr Clean & Tidy, in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, we take pride in our team of curtain cleaning experts who specialise in curtain dry cleans and upholstery.

Professional Attention

As one of the most neglected areas during household cleaning, curtains are often missed. Due to a buildup of dirt, your curtains may become difficult to clean properly. However, you don't have to worry, as our specialists give them the attention they need. We take down your curtains, clean them thoroughly, and re-hang them once finished.

Curtains and Cleaning Product

Taking On Any Job

No matter the size of your curtains, our experts set out to complete even the most testing of cleaning challenges. We are happy to clean any type of materials or styles, from huge stage curtains to caravan window curtains.

Using top-quality dry cleaning equipment, we clean your curtains using a technique similar to that of our carpet cleaning services.

Fire-Proofing Curtains

Just as clothing is, curtains are required to be washed thoroughly to remove elements of dirt and bacteria. We take all cleaned curtains to our headquarters, where they go through rigorous checks using only the finest products. In addition, we add a fire retardant product to your curtains when needed.

A Hassle-Free Service

Avoid the hassle of re-hanging your curtains and save time by allowing us to do the work for you. During our time at your home, we ensure all work is completed with ease, so you are able to use your time in a way that you prefer.

A Personal Touch

At Mr Clean & Tidy, we ensure that life is easy for our customers by completing the cleaning jobs that are usually forgotten. Thanks to our flexible approach, you always receive a solution that is tailored to your schedule. Although we do not have set working hours, we travel to your premises at a time that suits you. Customers are always impressed by our affordable prices and personal service.

Contact us, in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, to learn more about our curtain cleaning services, which include curtain dry cleans.