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Count On Our Carpet Cleaners In Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Relax and unwind in your home's pristine interior by calling upon the carpet cleaners at Mr Clean & Tidy, in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. As a reputable company, we provide skilful carpet dry cleaning services for a variety of clients.

Revive Older Carpets

Enhance the appearance of your living area with spotless carpets that appear brand-new. Our team of hard-working cleaners restore the condition of your older carpets and bring them back to life. Some of our customers have contemplated throwing their carpets away, however by cleaning their existing carpets we saved them money.

Expert Techniques

There are many carpet cleaning techniques practiced, and these may include wet and dry techniques. When using the wet technique, carpets become noticeably dull within only a few days. That's why at Mr Clean & Tidy we specialise in dry cleaning, a long-lasting technique that instantly removes dirt from your carpet's fibres. We vacuum up our cleaning powder, leaving your carpets fresh. 

Dry Clean Specialists

Not only do our dry cleaning specialists save you time, but also money in the long run. For more than 22 years we have used effective dry cleaning techniques due to their impressive results.

Dry cleaning removes all types of dirt, including stains and bacteria, from the core of your carpet. With no drying time, you are able to use your carpet straight away.

Quality, Organic Products

No matter the material of your carpet, our top-quality, organic products are sure to be suitable. Highly effective on a variety of materials, including wool, our reputable products exude a refreshing, sweet citrus scent. Our team of experts thoroughly clean and deodorise your carpets, ensuring your living area remains fresh.

Travelling To You

Avoid the hassle of waiting around with our prompt carpet cleaning services. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, our dedicated staff travel to your premises swiftly. We are highly popular in the West Hampshire and Dorset area, and do not incur travel costs throughout these areas. Our honest staff always keep in touch, and inform you of any changes to travel arrangements.

An Affordable Service

Owing to their extensive experience, our fully trained staff are experts in using effective techniques. Our services are priced competitively, at lower costs than larger companies with overheads. With our fine quality of workmanship and service, you receive exceptional value for money. Get in touch to arrange a time and date for your carpet, upholstery, or curtain cleaning service. 

Contact us, in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, to find out more about our carpet cleaners, who offer expert carpet dry cleaning services.